The most family-friendly companies in Latvia established, Coca Cola HBC Latvia among them for the fifth consecutive year

On Tuesday, 11 June, the Ministry of Welfare welcomed 38 companies that implement family-friendly business principles in their daily work, and this year they receive the status "Family-Friendly", Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia among them for the fifth consecutive year.

For over a decade, experience has shown that there is an increasing interest in the status of a "Family-Friendly Company". And it is already possible to talk about greater social responsibility in this regard. Although sometimes it may seem to the employer that marriage and children may interfere with the quality of work, it is the family that is the foundation of every stable, healthy society. 

The companies that have been awarded "Family-Friendly" status receive a special certificate. Companies are also entitled to use the "Family-Friendly" logo in their business, website, mass media, and job advertisements for a year. 38 companies also received such status last year.

The status "Family-Friendly" is granted by the Ministry of Welfare. This year, it is presented for the 12th time with the aim of promoting the idea of a family-friendly company and attracting new companies. Since 2011, companies have been identified in cooperation with the Sustainability Index by jointly developing and incorporating relevant criteria for implementing family-friendly policies in the company in the index questionnaire. 

One of the criteria for awarding status is the orientation of the company towards effective balancing of work and family life, for example, by providing remote working opportunities, flexible working hours. Protection of the health of workers at the workplace, provision of customer-oriented services, provision of support for children and family activities, and involvement in charity are also evaluated. The suitability of the company’s premises and equipment for the child’s needs is also considered. Customer care is no less important as it promotes the company's loyalty and its reputation, including in international markets.