Coca Cola HBC Latvia employees actively engages in the nature protection initiatives together with WWF Latvia


“By supporting and aiding nature, we are learning about biological diversity and different ecosystems, which are at the basis of our health, safety and well-being”.

Jānis Rozītis Director of WWF Latvia

On Saturday, 15 June, more than 80 people participated in the cleanup of the area surrounding Zvārtes Rock - one of the most popular and scenic sandstone outcrops in Latvia which is located on the bank of the Amata River in the Gauja National Park. Intended for the employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia and their family members, this natural diversity conservation effort was implemented in collaboration with WWF Latvia and the Vidzeme Regional Administration of the Nature Conservation Agency as part of the Daru labu dabai (Doing Good for Nature) initiative.

This event was the perfect manifestation of WWF Latvia’s slogan: Think Broader! We are very pleased that the Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia, which has been rated platinum in the Latvian Sustainability Index in 2019, has been organising events in nature for its employees and their family members for six years already, thus actively engaging in the nature conservation initiatives of the Nature Protection Agency and WWF Latvia with the aim of maintaining and restoring the diversity of Latvian nature.

This year, the cleanup participants gathered hay in the Raganu Meadow, several people crossed the Amata River in a boat to clear shrubs on the opposite bank, the strongest men restored the children’s playground by making wooden blocks and digging them into the ground, and some enthusiasts learned about meadow flowers by collecting more than 20 different plants.