Coca Cola HBC Estonia gained highest Gold level in national CSR Index 2019

Coca‑Cola HBC Eesti AS, the entity in Estonia, gained the highest gold level in the national Corporate Social Responsibility Index 2019 issued annually by the NGO CSR Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Estonia.

The General Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Eesti AS, Mr Jaak Mikkel said, that this is both an honour and a responsibility, to keep on pursuing for higher goals and spreading the best practices from Estonia to the rest of the countries the company is operating. „Being also the General Manager for other Baltic States as well as Poland, I see an immediate must in exporting the packaging recovery knowledge to Latvia and Poland. And this is only one example – when it comes to flexible working conditions, innovative mindset and sustainable development – the Estonian operation is really showing great results“, said Mikkel. „I thank our employees for their efforts as well as the CSR Index organization of the acknowledgement. He added, that the positive symbiosis of a small Country operation with the large Group such as Coca‑Cola HBC, can lead to bigger changes and recognition definitely gives the additional boost for that.

Kristiina Esop, Managing Director of the Estonian Responsible Business Forum, commented: “Responsible business is growing in the world: more and more entrepreneurs and companies have realized that their impact is greater than just their field of activity, and that the goals of the company are formulated not only through profit-making but also affecting the whole environment”.

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Coca‑Cola HBC Estonia gained highest Gold level in national CSR Index 2019

Estonian Responsible Business Forum ( is an organization founded in 2005 that brings together companies engaged in responsible entrepreneurship. The role of the forum is to promote the mindset that business should be socially and environmentally responsible in addition to profit-making, to ensure the sustainability of its business, society and country.

Coca‑Cola HBC Eesti AS gained the Silver level in the Index in 2018. In Latvia, the organization has been rated to the Gold level for several years in the row, including 2018, this years results are not disclosed yet.