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Kropla Beskidu

  1. Introduction

Kropla Beskidu is purpose driven water brand. Inspiring and uniting people to act together for the protection of water resources and its purity is the reason we exist. Offering low-mineralized natural mineral water coming from protected source in Beskidy mountains, we put of our efforts to ensure water resources will last forever. Thanks to our slow, responsible sourcing, every day we save the lifetime supply of water for the one human being.


Kropla Delice

  1. Introduction

Humans are able to make unusal things, while only nature creates real states of art. Delice by Kropla is high quality, mid-mineralized natural mineral water coming from unspoilted by industry and farming source in Beskidy mountains . Its carbonation and unique taste, such as richness of minerals makes Delice by Kropla ideal complement to your meal at the restaurant or a drink in the coffee house. Thanks to its delicious taste it was awarded prestigious Superior Taste Award.