Youth Empowered

The Youth Empowered Programme (YEP) is a systemic educational initiative created in 2017 for young people who need support in the decision-making process while choosing their career path or entering the labour market.

The programme supports the process of professional integration by providing potential-creating tools and indicates labour market opportunities.

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YEP Academy

The YEP Academy is an online platform offering up-to-date content selected with young people in mind, competency and skill tests, and online training courses to help young people develop the skills necessary in the labour market, including a wage calculator to help calculate minimum salaries. Over 100,000 users selected these tools in 2019.


We have created the YEP mentoring programme primarily to share experiences and knowledge in a user-friendly way – something which the standard education system is in dire need of. By connecting people from different generations at various stages of professional life, we want to share our skills with others. 

We believe that professional programmes and adequate tools can support young people in key moments of their lives. This approach's real potential will be met only when we start working together – the business, government officials, NGOs, parents, and the youth itself. 18% of Polish citizens are people aged 15-29. This means that 6.9 million people are currently making their most important career decisions. The effects of these decisions will be crucial for the further development of the Polish economy. That is why we have launched the YEP mentoring programme, which offers access to mentors from various areas of the Coca-Cola system. 

The participants are people who want to share – from engineers, through lawyers, to marketing communication experts. You can find excellent professionals focused on developing other people’s competencies all in one place. You just have to reach for them.

Katarzyna Borucka Public Affairs & Communication Director Coca-Cola HBC Poland and Baltics


The YEP educational mobile app aims to help young people acquire key competencies and enter the labour market. During the game, the user, playing as the protagonist, makes choices which impact the further course of action in the play and solves tasks using 8 key skills: communication, entrepreneurship, analytics and decision-making, self-understanding, interaction and networking, self-expression, and personal development.


For young people who would like to see what certain job positions look like in practice, we have prepared the YEP mentoring programme, which gives them the opportunity to use the knowledge of Coca-Cola employees, learn about selected career paths and benefit from the advice given by experienced professionals. In addition, job shadowing allows young people to accompany the Coca-Cola employees during their working day, thanks to which interns may see what given job positions look like in practice.