Meet Our People


I joined CCHBC because of its brands. They’re everywhere – in cafés, hotels, in small shops in the neighbourhood and in the supermarkets. I also wanted to gain experience in a multinational company.

But what really surprised me, and one of the reasons I am still staying excited about what I am doing, is the level of trust in people here. This trust means that you can make mistakes and instead of seeing this as a failure it’s seen as an opportunity for you to learn. Here at CCHBC we look at the glass half full and that’s very important for a global company.

Coca‑Cola HBC is a proven leader in the market, so we must be doing something right to stay at the top. In my opinion, the most important element in our continued success is our high standard of employees. The company also accommodates diverse types of people; there is a place for everyone here. It feels more like a very big family rather than a large international organisation. There is support and encouragement from your very first day in the company.

Dionysios Varelis_2

I love that there’s continuous learning here and that excellence is a way of life. I feel great happiness when we solve an issue for someone in the business.

Dionysios Varelis MTC CPI and Analytics Lead, Bulgaria

Sometimes accommodating a crisis is tough, especially when something goes wrong and you are trying to balance family commitments and work. But I love the whole family-feel that we have here, and that helps keep you going.

At CCHBC, very fast growth is common. There are many internal promotions and we try to create paths for people to move up. I started in August 2012 and have had six positions since then. Our organisation has also grown from 50 people to over 600 in less than 5 years. These are examples showing how much room for growth there is here.

You need a passion for learning and for work. Otherwise how will you be motivated? You also need to be an active listener. This is a real skill as often in life we are listening not to understand but to reply. Finally, you need to be willing to get feedback on everything, and often negative feedback is far more helpful – constructive feedback drives excellence.

There is a saying in Greek that goes: ‘but – a little bit more’. This means you don’t just keep things as they are, you continually improve. That phrase captures the focus on continuous growth at Coca‑Cola HBC.