Meet Our People


One of the things that attracted me to the company most was the impressive product portfolio and the strength of the brand, which resonates with people around the world as an emotional touchstone.

I’m proud to work for CCHBC for many reasons. We are constantly innovating to achieve growth and the company offers rewarding, challenging work in a fast-paced environment. The incredible learning opportunities and the international breadth of the operations is amazing.

CCHBC is one of the largest bottlers in the world, but we are always looking to improve, and have a clear vision to be the undisputed leader in the industry. To do that, we prioritise excellent performance. We want every interaction with customers and stakeholders to be as positive as it can be, always striving for better whilst driving results. That level of performance is demanding, but we also do a great job of celebrating our successes and achievements. It is an important part of staying motivated.


There was no typical day on the Management Trainee programme which I found very exciting. Every day I am eager to come to work and to make an impact to the wider business.

Zoe Allen Talent Acquisition & Identification Specialist, Former Management Trainee (HR), Ireland

CCHBC has great international opportunities. This was a huge pull factor for me, and since joining I have been lucky enough to work in two different business units and jurisdictions. This provided me with invaluable exposure and experiences that I would not have gained with any other company. The 2017 Regional Management Trainee Conference gave me the opportunity to travel to Serbia, and to network with other graduates. We learnt about all aspects of the Serbian operations and were able to share learnings and best practices. At the closing ceremony, the Irish team won an award for the best country presentation. This was a very proud moment, and we received a great reception from our colleagues in Ireland upon our return.

Before joining CCHBC, I did not have a lot of experience as a professional, but the Management Trainee programme really fast tracked my development in a way that I could never have imagined. The beauty of the programme is the wide exposure that it provides. I did not feel pigeonholed during my time on the programme, rather I was constantly learning and I was able to make connections with senior leaders in the business both locally and across seas.

I expected to be challenged early on, and received additional responsibilities as a result of hard work and commitment to the business. I was, and continue to be recognised for my contributions, gaining trust from those around me and opening the door to more amazing opportunities. This industry is very fast moving and there are a lot of shifts in the market to take into account, which can be daunting at times, but that is how we continue evolving as a business.

By working together as friends and committed colleagues, we make a huge impact here at Coca‑Cola HBC.

Before the completion of the programme, I was delighted to secure a permanent role as a talent Acquisition Specialist for Ireland and have been able to progress and develop my skills even further. The company cares about its people, and their progression which is both vital and motivating.

To anyone joining the CCHBC team it is important to immerse yourself in the culture, learn about different elements of the business, and ask questions early on! That is how you learn. Expectations are high and this can be intimidating, but be confident in your abilities and get involved. Trust me, you will be proud to work with an amazing team of passionate individuals who make an impact every day.