Our People and Communities

Our People and Communities

We support local community programmes in Poland and the Baltic States. We try to engage in areas where we can share knowledge and experience and where our help can be most valuable.

We believe that together we can do more for the common good. Our goal is to add value tothe communities in which we operate. Our social investments focus on creating a positive impact on the society and the economy, improving the quality of community life, empowering the youth, and initiating environmental projects.

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The majority of our initiatives are carried out in cooperation with non-governmental and industrial organisations. We believe that together we can support local communities and address their key needs. Just like we did during the COVID-19 pandemic, when volunteers from Coca-Cola HBC Polska, together with the Federation of Polish Food Banks, took part in the preparation and distribution of food packages for people who were most in need of help.

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We come from different countries, we speak different languages and have different experiences.  This diversity is what helps our team achieve more. We value cooperation and open dialogue. 

As Coca-Cola HBC Polska, we are a signatory of the Diversity Charter, coordinated in Poland by the Responsible Business Forum. Under the Charter,  we commit to non-discrimination in the workplace and declare our readiness to engage all our employees and business partners in activities to promote equal treatment policy and workplace diversity management.

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We want to support the development of millions of young people wherever we operate. That is why, in 2017, together with our social partner, the Suckes Pisany Szminką Foundation, we started the Youth Empowered Programme (YEP) for people who need support when choosing their educational or career path. The programme supports the process of career selection by offering a variety of academic and advisory tools, such as personality tests, training sessions, a mobile game or a mentoring programme.

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Each employee can submit their own suggestions for solutions that are then assessed by a special commission of independent external experts. 

Employees can engage their own families, friends, and representatives of local communities and together implement important community projects, both in their free time and during their working hours. In 2019, we financed over 30 projects supporting, among others, biodiversity, participation in segregation and recycling of packaging, education of children and youth, as well as engaging immigrants. 

Our partners help coordinate our efforts in this regard.

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A World Without Waste is our most ambitious project. To achieve it, we have committed to helping collect and process as many bottles and cans as we deliver to consumers. We also strive to ensure that half of the components of our product packagings come from recycled materials. We want the World Without Waste to evolve from being our goal to becoming a reality.