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For me the key value is to be authentic and at Coca‑Cola HBC I can – I'm not compromising my principles in my daily job and when communicating with my managers.

Authenticity is embedded in the core of the company and it’s great that my own principles match with the company’s.

We have an HR slogan - "ownership, collaboration and a high-performance mind-set” – this is what our day-to-day is about. My career path has been about ownership and taking responsibility from the very first day.

When interacting with suppliers, our guiding principle is to work with honesty and integrity in order to create ethical and sustainable procedures. Ukraine has a negative stereotype around corruption, so we are working very proactively with our suppliers to be honest and ethical and to think about the environmental impact. One of the ways we are trying to achieve this is our waste management initiative.


When I applied for this position I wasn’t sure that management would appoint such a young person, so it was encouraging to be given this responsibility.

Iryna Panfilova Planning Manager, Ukraine & Moldova

The project that has helped me develop the most was implementing a new sugar supplier with a great cost price, quality level and supply security. It was a six-month project that required 24/7 involvement and a cross-functional role. I was the primary point of contact for all other departments. I was so inspired that I couldn’t sleep the night the first delivery was made.

We win only if we’re together and if no one is trying to hide their results. In my previous role, I had a project I wanted to delegate to a young trainee. It was my project and it was half-implemented already but I decided to delegate. Many people were concerned about me handing over a project to someone else to complete. She did a great job, however, and I got a tremendous sense of pride from the project because of the success of the trainee.

We have many opportunities to connect with colleagues. I remember five years ago there were not that many social events but two to three years ago the mindset in HR changed. Now we have events with the whole office for holidays like New Years. It’s simple stuff but makes everyone happy. It has become a part of our culture and of course we organise some events for ourselves to combine work and fun.

I love that the work I do is implemented in reality and you can touch it on the shelf. At Coca‑Cola HBC no one will block innovation or new ideas if you can make a strong business case. That is inspiring.