Meet Our People


Working at CCHBC is like being home. I just change from one home to another. I can spend 24 hours here and still feel fresh. I love the people around me at Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

I started at CCHBC 16 years ago when I joined as a student to complete my summer internship in the HR department. I studied economics, so HR wasn’t what I had in mind, but it was a really great opportunity as a student to meet and interact with people from all over the company. I had the chance to see how kind everyone was, and it was foundational for me to understand how to work in a full-time job and interact in a professional environment.

Then I took an entry level position in the Finance department and after several years I became supervisor before taking on even more responsibility when I moved from a small plant to our head office in Moscow. I wanted to do something bigger, and I always felt supported by my colleagues. People here always encourage you to do more, to reach higher. 


Mistakes aren’t feared because they are seen as opportunities to learn.

Ekaterina Yalovaya Supply Chain Finance Manager, Russia

One of the main reasons that I stay is because of how open it is here. Management is very accessible and always willing to share their thoughts and work. I can go to my General Manager and share my thoughts with him any time. Collaboration is also actively encouraged, and I love that through shared experience we achieve results. If someone lacks knowledge, everyone will help educate and support that person. We have evaluations to identify opportunities, challenges, and strengths to help people do their jobs better.

It’s not a tragedy to make a mistake here. Mistakes aren’t feared because they are seen as opportunities to learn. There are lots of joint activities to see how to work together better, to be more efficient and professional. Even though I sit in Moscow head office, I visit my plants on a regular basis and we have cross-functional conferences to meet with colleagues and share best practices, understand each other, learn from each other’s best practices, and develop as a team. I know that as part of my learning process, I can take some chances and I will be supported and encouraged. That’s a great feeling.

CCHBC offers employees lots of things but I think this encouragement and the development opportunities that it provides is the most important. CCHBC does a lot for personal and professional development, management skills, business understanding, and financial qualifications. It helps you to gain all of these. You’ll always be stretched. You’ll always be looking to go the extra mile, and you’ll go beyond what you thought possible. It really makes working at CCHBC so much fun!

I would encourage others that are interested in growing in a fast-paced environment that will expose you to so many growth opportunities to check us out. There are lots of qualities that will help you to succeed at CCHBC, but more than anything just be proactive.

We will encourage and support you, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide in which way you want to develop. We won’t push you in a certain direction.

Be open-minded, flexible and ready for change, and you will fit right in.

I’m now Supply Chain Finance Manager in Moscow and even though I have been at CCHBC for 16 years, I find that each year it is a new and different company. It changes every day, every year. It doesn’t stagnate. It’s really modern and because of this we are agile and flexible, which excites me. I can’t wait to see what comes next!