Creating and Sharing Value

Creating and sharing value

Our values are the core of our business. It defines the activities in which we take part, the relationships on which we depend and what we want to achieve in order to create value for all our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term.

We operate in line with the values that constitute the basis of our daily work and interactions with our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.

Our values

Everything starts with our values. They are what make us stand out and motivate, inspire and energise us to help us reach our goals.

  • Authenticity: we follow our values, act with integrity and do what is right, without cutting corners
  • Excellence: we strive to amaze and do that with passion and speed
  • Learning: we take the time to listen and have a natural curiosity to learn new things
  • Caring for our people: we believe in our people, invest in their development and empower them
  • Performing as one: we believe in the power of working together and in personal contributions to teamwork.
  • Creating our customers’ success: our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Creating added value for our customers

As a leader on the beverage market, every day we strive to be a proven partner for our 140,000 customers. We are aware that our reliability has a direct impact on their businesses.

We have the same, professional approach to all our business partners, regardless of whether they are family shops, restaurants, supermarkets, discount chains or other retail establishments. We try to support our business partners in building their path to success in a competitive market by offering them, among others, dedicated training programmes for key categories of traditional retail sales.

Our resources

We manage the resources available to our business carefully:

  • Human resources: our people
  • Natural resources: water, energy and others
  • Social resources and relationships: including our reputation and our ability to earn and maintain the trust of key stakeholders
  • Financial resources: all funds, whether obtained through financing or generated from operations or investments
  • Intellectual resources: including our brands and the brands we license as well as proprietary technology, standards, licences and processes
  • Manufacture-related resources: equipment and buildings
  • Sharing value

We create value for our stakeholders which, in turn, over time builds value for our business.

  • Employees: developing, recognising and rewarding our people secures a skilled and motivated workforce
  • The Coca-Cola Company: investing in leading brands and our business, coupled with flawless execution in production and the marketplace ensures a fruitful partnership for years to come
  • Communities and environment: enriching the lives of communities, contributing to the public good and safeguarding the environment enhances our local presence and earns the trust of communities
  • Customers: supporting our trade partners to build their business provides us with a diverse range of channels
  • Consumers: meeting consumer needs by offering choice and quality generates revenue and contributes to the sustainability of our business
  • Shareholders: delivering strong sustainable earnings and dividends establishes a supporting shareholder base