The main reason I joined Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC) as part of the Management Trainee Programme was for the learning.

That was my primary ambition because I was at the beginning of my career and I was glad that myself and others in the program were chosen based on our willingness to learn and our drive to overcome challenges.

I started at CCHBC two years ago as part of the Management Trainee Programme and I’m now a Talent Acquisition and Identification Specialist in Adria. At CCHBC you learn five times more than at the average company. I’ve learned about business, marketing, sales and HR in a very short time. I studied psychology and didn’t come from a corporate background, so I had a steep learning curve, but I was impressed by the level of connection that I observed between my colleagues. I didn’t expect to see that in a big company like this.


These personal connections are why CCHBC is not your typical corporate environment. It’s more like a family.

Mojra Dautović Talent Acquisition & Identification, Former Management Trainee (HR), Croatia

We have a high level of professionalism and a drive for excellence, but we are friendly and unburdened by conventions. The blend between high performing, fast-paced business with the warm and informal personality is very interesting to me.

Coming here, I had the idea that learning would happen mostly through formal training. But I quickly realised that with the Trainee Programme most of my learning would be through new experiences and on the job training. That’s a much quicker way to learn – try again and apply your learnings. These types of opportunities for young people looking to develop and jump into new experiences is really one of CCHBC’s key strengths. Even if you don’t move up, even if you stay in your position, you still learn. With every project you learn something new. The key to success with this type of environment is to be open and prepared to learn outside of your function. Explore cross-functional opportunities.

It’s up to you to make use of the opportunities you are offered, but along the way people around you will definitely help you. At CCHBC we’re all working together towards common goals, which is why everyone’s thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration. Teamwork is really strong in our company. This commitment to working together is quite informal, but it is also strongly linked to the clearly communicated shared goals.

Within this context, differences in background are not pertinent in terms of communication or how others perceive you. People here really listen. They listen to your ideas, whatever your job title might be. I think that it is a good culture. This culture means that at CCHBC you can make an impact every day. For instance, I can be impactful in HR by setting an example for others in what I do, my principles, my communication, and my willingness to help. I personally believe in making a big impact through small things, and that mindset is quite established at CCHBC.

We’re all looking to make an impact here. That can mean many different things, but most of all we are always looking to make things better.

By working together as friends and committed colleagues, we make a huge impact here at Coca‑Cola HBC.