Meet Our People


I had just finished my degree and I wanted to join a multinational company, so I was looking for a position that would really help me learn and give me international exposure. CCHBC was in the market at the time, looking for new recruits.

I must admit I had to research it a bit, because I didn’t know about CCHBC. But I thought the company would be a good fit, and I was right!

At CCHBC we contribute to happiness. The CCHBC brand speaks for itself and that’s a characteristic that helps us. Each day I gain more experience and I am grateful to be learning something that I value – I’m on a great growth path. I’ve also had so much cross-functional exposure, which I appreciate a lot. Lastly, I really like the work environment here, it’s not too formal but still respectful. We are at ease and this helps everyone give 101% performance.

I think the fact that I have contact with all departments through my work has helped me to learn quickly about a lot of things. I like to imagine that I can choose my future, so I learn, learn, learn to always be ready to grow into the next position. In my former role, I had a variety of clients each with different goals that needed scheduling. This challenge helped me learn to manage stress. I also have meetings and contact with people I admire and I get to learn from them – how they work, get things done and keep improving.

CCHBC has had a big impact on my growth and development.


When you’re on the Management Trainee programme you have a tutor or mentor, usually someone senior in the organisation.


I had an area manager and she helped me a lot at the beginning. She cared about me as a person which I sensed from the first day and this was quite unexpected. Even once I left the programme I still went to her for advice and I really appreciated that. We’re still in contact which I find very helpful.

Something that is really appreciated here is learning agility or flexibility. To thrive here, you need to be able to adapt to different environments and different people. Someone who is resilient will stand out at CCHBC.

There really is a ‘get along with each other’ feeling we have here. Once a year, we have this big event, the company convention, which is a time for everyone to get to know the new strategy and new products. It gives you a view of how to move forward for the year. But you also get to have fun over the two days, it’s not all business related. There are also many spontaneous times where we have fun on the job – a joke, a quick chat – this helps in the everyday work. You get to know people and become good friends.