Meet Our People


The best thing about Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is the people. They are highly motivated, highly skilled and always willing to help.

Our people are solution-oriented and willing to share their experiences and initiatives. This gives you a fresh perspective and you feel like you are living two steps ahead of the rest of the world. I can confidently say it is like a big family.

Sergii Strilets

What keeps me here is the same thing that attracted me in the first place; it’s very dynamic.

Sergii Strilets Supply Chain Finance Controller, Ukraine

Of course, we have lots of rules and procedures, but we also have competitors, so we are always looking to implement new tools, new training, new IT to stay ahead. At CCHBC there is freedom to learn and implement. If you want to learn about best practices, you can find these here in our own company. Often when I have the opportunity to network with professionals from other markets or industries, I find that we have already solved many of the challenges that they are struggling with. Here my value as a professional is growing fast.

At CCHBC there are many initiatives and programmes like Fast Forward, where people have defined paths and timelines to grow into management positions. Also, the Management Trainee Programme brings in a lot of top talent. This 2-year induction involves rotating trainees among different departments and then the idea is to have them promoted immediately after that. If we’re talking about the culture itself, then the company gives you a lot of opportunities on all fronts. If you work hard and meet your goals, you’ll grow.

The very high level of expertise and professionalism sets us apart. There are incredibly talented people working at both HQ & local offices and the quality of the discussions we have is very high. We have positive decision-making and great collaboration and support across functions. It’s also how we deal with people: we motivate, set targets, assess and give feedback; which eventually leads to how well people grow.

The most important thing CCHBC offers employees, I think, is security - not in terms of offering you a comfort zone, but certainty that you will work in an supportive environment so you can put your abilities to the best use, grow and develop personally.

There’s possibility here. Working 10-15 years at the company doesn’t mean hitting a dead end; there’s always somewhere to go. The nature of my area of business means that things are always changing, whether it’s through market changes or EU regulations. Nothing is stagnant. CCHBC offers joy. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but we’re a winning company and it is fun to celebrate. There is joy in accomplishing shared tasks which bring you closer together and make you more confident.

We have a lot of support from IT, regional managers, HQ and other functions to overcome challenges or to leverage opportunities. Growth also speaks to the sharing of knowledge, which is fantastic here. For instance, if I miss something or someone from my team leaves, then I can Skype a colleague somewhere and I feel very confident that I will not be left alone. I will be supported in finding a solution, whatever the problem may be.