Meet Our People


CCHBC is my first employer. I wanted to join a big multinational company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and CCHBC is one of the biggest in Greece.

Coca-Cola is a well-known brand, but I was also interested in the fact that they offer development opportunities in different business units. There are clear career paths to take you where your skills and particular profile will add value. I stay because I feel like I am growing and experiencing new things and because I feel confident about the future.

I was surprised by the very friendly environment. I imagined in a big multinational it would be very strict and rigid but most people here think out of the box. They are open to new things and are keen to listen to new ideas. That openness is really healthy and the company is always looking to take the next step – to go further and evolve.

Test image Panos Mantis

Here we work in teams and we really support each other.

Panos Mantis Brand Manager Frulite, Greece

I enjoy working in an environment where you care about your peers and your manager and this definitely improves your performance. Celebrating success is part of the CCHBC mentality. We celebrate our wins together either with an internal event, an outing or a simple email recognising the people involved.

From a business perspective CCHBC does not follow other companies – we create our own way. We lead the community. We create new jobs and opportunities for young people. We care about the social aspect of the local community, so we help with renovating schools and we run the Youth Empowered program which tries to develop the skills of the unemployed to help them get jobs.

To work at this company, I think being social is the most important quality, because every day you need to cooperate with lots of people, and you need to be a team player. You also need to be creative to overcome problems and to innovate. You need to be able to work well under stress, in a fast-paced, changing environment. Finally, you need to be open to diversity, to enjoy new experiences and you must be keen to learn. Curiosity is one of our key values.

CCHBC tries to accelerate the growth of its people. It gives opportunities to talented people to join acceleration programs. You have a clear career path which really accelerates growth. I really feel like a member of a big family. I’m proud of the respect we show each other, and I’m proud of my development from an entry level position to my current role, in just five short years.