#YouthEmpowered: You can do more than you think. The launch of a program for young people functioning outside the education system and the labour market

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska with its partners has launched a pilot edition of its program entitled #YouthEmpowered: You can do more than you think. Its aim is the vocational activation of young people who remain outside the labour market and the education system. The inauguration of the program was accompanied by a debate during which the results of a Kantar Millward Brown survey of the group to which the program is addressed were presented.

GUS data shows that in the past year in Poland, 11% of individuals aged 15-24 did not study and did not work. The survey, which is the starting point for the Polish edition of the program #YouthEmpowered: You can do more than you think, indicates that 51% of the representatives of this group are satisfied with their situation and 38% are convinced that finding work is mainly about luck and contacts. At the same time, 33% of the respondents have no occupational experience and only 26% attended a job interview.

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Young people, questioned about values, first mention health and family, but self-reliability comes a close third. Occupational fulfilment was only in seventh place, and education came last - in the ninth position. The researched group is diverse in terms of age, place of residence and level of education. Its representatives share their requirements regarding future work - they declare that they want to receive a good income, have a guarantee of employment, work in a friendly atmosphere and be able to develop.

Young people are a particularly important group for us because today half of Coca Cola Hellenic employees are representatives of the so-called Millennials. At the same time, unlike the previous generation, this one faces new challenges such as unemployment or work that does not meet their expectations. The "#YouthEmpowered: You can do more than you think" program is designed to help young people discover their strengths and motivations for action. With the support of NGOs which best know the potential participants of the program, we want to share with young people the knowledge and experience but also to dare them and encourage towards greater occupational activity.

Katarzyna Borucka Corporate director of Coca Cola HBC Polska

The program is addressed to people between 18 and 30, who for various reasons remain outside the labour market and the education system and are not in training. In addition, activities will be addressed to pupils of the last grades of secondary schools in towns with populations under 50,000.

The program supports the occupational inclusion process by offering participants the tools to increase their potential and opportunities in the labor market. In the first stage, workshops will be held in selected locations throughout Poland, giving participants the opportunity to develop skills useful both in their work and in their daily lives. In the next stage, the organizer wants to offer training to all those interested in the offer through an online e-learning platform, as well as the opportunity to work with mentors - Coca‑Cola HBC Poland employees.

The program, organised by Coca‑Cola HBC Polska, is implemented by a coalition of partners which includes non-governmental organisations: Fundacja Sempre a Frente, Stowarzyszenie Morena, Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju i Pomocy Q Zmianom, Stowarzyszenie Semper Avanti and the Polish Red Cross. The program is organized under the auspices of The Polish Chamber of Commerce. The media patronage is provided by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

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