Coca Cola HBC Polska joins the partnership for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska, the leader of the non-alcoholic beverages industry, joined the partnership for the implementation of the Strategic Development Goals (SDG’s), submitted two environmental commitments. The Company signed the declaration during a conference “The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development - goals for the world, challenge for the country, responsibility for all”, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Development.

The initiative of partnership implements the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the UN entitled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which aims at accomplishing 17 goals related to action for the people, planet and prosperity. The goals are to be fulfilled through the cooperation of business, politics and the society.

We are proud to join this initiative. As Coca‑Cola HBC Polska we truly believe that the achievement of ambitious goals and tasks is possible only through mutual cooperation carried out in an efficient way. We know that this requires to mobilize our strengths, create synergies, engage in a vivacious and robust partnership, which is a natural effect of a dialogue, open to all interested sides.

Nikos Kalaitzidakis General Manager of Coca Cola HBC Polska

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska joins the partnership initiative with the declaration, that until 2020 it will seek to:

  1. Reduce the consumption of water in industrial processes versus 1 liter of beverage produced by a minimum of 10% compared to 2010, which is aligned with goal number 6 “Clean water and sanitation” of the SDG’s.
  2. Reduce the consumption of PET resources versus 1 liter of beverage produced by at least 40% in comparison to 2010, which is in line with goal number 12 “Responsible production and consumption” of the SDG’s.

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska emphasizes that the goals constitute a constant strive to improve the Company’s results and to reduce the impact of its operations on the natural environment. The goals are implemented individually and with independent funding.

Coca‑Cola HBC Poland has been working for sustainable development for years, which is part of the company's business strategy. One of the most important areas of activity in this area is environmental protection. In 2016 the company invested more than 4 million PLN in 26 projects aimed at saving energy and water use in production processes. Some of these projects were a result of implementation of ideas submitted by employees. The effects of last year's investment have already positively transmitted into the environment, like CO2 reduction by 1,600 tons per year and total savings in water consumption by 158,000 m3. Investment plans will be continued in 2017 and, thanks to them, CO2 emissions can be reduced by next 2,000 tons per year. In case of water it will be a total savings of 31,000 m3.

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska’s socially responsible approach is confirmed by the fact, that in 2017 the Company was ranked first (ex aequo with Schenker) in the 11th Ranking of Responsible Companies.