New in the Coca-Cola HBC portfolio - COSTA COFFEE Home Edition

  • COSTA COFFEE introduces new coffee varieties for the home
  • Four COSTA COFFEE Home Edition varieties are available in local stores, large supermarkets, COSTA COFFEE cafes and online with home delivery
COSTA COFFEE is expanding its offer to include COSTA COFFEE Home Edition, high-quality coffee for home brewing. COSTA COFFEE Home Edition is now available in four flavor varieties available in whole bean, ground coffee as well as capsules. This novelty perfectly complements the Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland portfolio, which offers consumers beverages for every occasion and time of the day.

We are excited to have COSTA COFFEE join our portfolio – it is a well-known brand appreciated for its high quality, many years of expertise and excellent flavor. Now, in addition to cafes, eateries and coffee vending machines, Poles can also enjoy its unique qualities at home. It is an extraordinary moment for Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland, when our portfolio opens up to include a new category, fulfilling our ambition to offer consumers beverages 24/7 - for every occasion and time of day. For COSTA COFFEE, it is an opportunity to become the first café brand that will find a permanent place in Polish homes and thus redefine the coffee market in Poland.

Michał Proszewski Development Manager w Coca-Cola HBC Polska i Kraje Bałtyckie.

Marka COSTA COFFEE powstała ponad pół wieku temu. Założyło ją dwóch Włochów – braci Bruno i Sergio Costa, których marzeniem było serwowanie najlepszej włoskiej kawy w Londynie. Zanim jednak stworzyli swoją autorską kawę do espresso, która do dziś serwowana jest w kawiarniach na całym świecie, spróbowali aż 112 różnych mieszanek ziaren, aby stworzyć kulową Mocha Italia. Dziś za wysoką jakość COSTA COFFEE odpowiadają ziarna, przy których produkcji zachowane są najwyższe standardy, którym jest w stanie sprostać jedynie 5% upraw światowej produkcji kawy. Wszystkie ziarna oznaczone są certyfikatem RFA (Rainforest Alliance) przyznawanym plantacjom odpowiedzialnym społecznie. Nad jakością kawy czuwa Gennaro Pelliccia, Mistrz Kawy COSTA COFFEE.


Research shows that 8 out of 10 people consume coffee regularly in Poland, and half of them start their day with this beverage. Depending on your preference, an espresso or latte is a sure way to jump-start a good morning and get the energy back up in the afternoon. COSTA COFFEE Home Edition, a favorite coffee shop brand that can now be prepared at home, is the answer to the needs of many Poles.

Sebastian Gugała Coffee Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola HBC Poland.

All COSTA COFFEE Home Edition varieties are specially roasted for home espresso machines, coffee makers, capsule and filter coffee machines. Available in sizes of 200 g, 500 g and 1 kg, they stand out on store shelves for their simple, clearly legible and modern packaging, which includes information about the flavor profile of the beans and icons that tell you how to brew coffee.

The new coffee varieties are currently available at: online supermarket, Eurocash stores, Delikatesy Centrum, E.Leclerc, InterMarche, Lewiatan and other traditional stores. The Home Edition coffees are also available for purchase at COSTA COFFEE cafés. 

Four COSTA COFFEE Home Edition varieties are available as whole beans, ground coffee and capsules

COSTA COFFEE Home Edition_Sesja_15 COSTA COFFEE Home Edition_Sesja_15

Signature Blend

A unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Slow roasted for a mild flavor and a rich, nutty aroma, it is a perfect everyday coffee. In combination with milk, it resembles shortbread cookies. As an espresso or other black coffee, it is characterized by caramel and nutty notes.

COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_9_900x662 COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_9_900x662

Signature Blend - dark roasted

A unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Dark roasted to obtain an espresso that blends perfectly with milk. The ideal everyday beverage for those who appreciate the intense flavor of coffee; in combination with milk, it creates a chocolate-like drink. In the form of espresso and black coffees, it is distinguished by an intense flavor, revealing notes of dark chocolate and toasted almonds.

COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_3_900x662 COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_3_900x662

The Bright Blend

A mild blend of 100% Arabica, combining the best coffee beans from South America. Attractive and versatile, it is characterized by an interesting combination of slightly fruity and sweet flavors complemented by notes of milk chocolate with the aroma of milk chocolate in espressos, and honey and cookie flavors in milk coffees. It is perfect for those seeking filter coffee and espresso in a modern style as well as for lovers of delicate milk coffees. 

COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_13_900x662 COSTA-COFFEE-Home-Edition_Sesja_13_900x662

Colombian Roast

100% Arabica, the richness of which comes from the sun-drenched Colombian hills. The complex fruity aromas are balanced here by the darker roasting. The roasting emphasizes caramel aromas in both espresso and milk coffees. Brewedas black coffee, without the addition of milk, it reveals notes of honey and red fruit and oranges. Perfect for coffee connoisseurs and those looking for a change. It best expresses its flavors as an espresso.

The introduction of COSTA COFFEE Home Edition is supported by a high-reach campaign, mainly through digital channels and influencers. Communication activities will start at the end of September and will last until year's end. Their leitmotif will be the slogan Better start with COSTA and the idea of COSTA nowi o ... [What makes COSTA a ...] - a series of creative questions, answers to which can be found in the brand's benefits. In this way , COSTA COFFEE Home Edition emphasizes its sense of humor and perspective on what may happen in the morning, before drinking coffee.

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