Coca Cola HBC Polska and Polish Red Cross help healthy lifestyle promoters

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska, the leader in the soft drinks sector, co-organized Polish Red Cross' Healthy Lifestyle Olympics. The winner of this year's edition was granted by university index of Medical University of Łódź.

32 students in two age categories - junior high school and upper secondary school met in the last May weekend in Zielonka near Warsaw in 25th final of the Healthy Lifestyle Olympics. 

The finalists spent three days together, presenting events and scenarios related to the Olympic theme, previously performed in local communities, testing their knowledge, skills in nutrition, hygiene and first aid. They also had the opportunity to integrate, participating in additional tasks and workshops.

For the best participants, the material prizes were sponsored by Coca‑Cola HBC Polska and - for the best high school student - the index of the Medical University of Lodz, with the possibility of studying at the Faculty of Public Health.

We are pleased that as a leader of responsible business we can work together with the PCK through events such as the Olympics to promote our values and support young health ambassadors.Katarzyna Borucka, Public Affairs & Communication Director at Coca‑Cola HBC Polska

Award for the winner student - Sabina Downar - high school student from Warmińsko Mazurskie was handed by: prof. Dr hab. Małgorzata Węgrowska-Danielewicz, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Lodz, Krzysztof Baczyński, Regulatory Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Antoni Olak, Member of the Main Board of the Polish Red Cross.

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One of the most important activities of the PCK is the education of children and youth. We are glad that more and more socially responsible companies support our educational programs. This year, for the 25th time, we have organized the Olympics, during which we promote a healthy and active lifestyle and shape healthy attitudes in young people - said Katarzyna Stępińska, Head of Program Department of the Office of the Main Board of the Polish Red Cross.

The Olympics are designed for junior high schools and upper secondary schools. The competition consists of several stages - school, local, district and central which is the final. At every stage of the Olympics, participants must solve the test of proper nutrition, first aid, ecology and healthy lifestyle promotion. This year once again in selected schools test in the school stage was solved on-line. In this year's jubilee edition of the Olympiad, 40,616 students from 3,276 schools participated in all stages of the competition.