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We are committed to running our business in a responsible manner and fulfilling our commitments from the sustainability agenda. We continuously monitor our economic, environmental and social impact and have been reporting and publishing the results of our efforts regularly since 2008.

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Environmental impact

We are aware of our impact on the environment and the climate.  Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our company policy - we make every effort to minimise our footprint on nature and the climate and to reduce our use of natural resources.

Environmental and climate issues in our organization are regulated by:

Net zero by 40 strategy

We committed to become net zero emission organization till 2040

World Without Waste strategy 

We want to collect and recycle  till 2030 equivalent of 100% of consumer packaging put in the market.

A policy of sustainable operational development

Our policy, based on three foundations, defines our operating principles regarding the environment, quality and occupational health and safety.

Environmental policy

We conduct activities in a responsible manner, with due care, in particular in the areas of environmental impact and sustainable development.

Policy on the protection of water resources

We are committed to reducing our impact on water resources and supporting water conservation initiatives in the communities in which we operate.


we reduced Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in Coca-HBC Poland and the Baltic States compared to 2010.


of consumer packaging we collected and recycled in Poland.


the purchased electricity we used in our plants came from renewable sources

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Economic impact

The Coca-Cola system in Poland has a significant impact on the country's economy.

Through our activities, we have a direct impact on employment, creation of added value and income in the value chain, but also indirectly we contribute to the development of related entities and the economy as a whole. By paying taxes and fees in the country, thanks to our activity we support the development of infrastructure and public services.

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Social impact

The Coca-Cola system in Poland & Baltics employs more than 1,800 people. Each full-time job in the companies of the iconic brand creates more than five positions in related sectors, including transport, sugar, agriculture and trade. That is a total of nearly 10,000 jobs.

We participate in community life by getting involved and supporting issues that are important to society. Although Coca-Cola is a global brand, we want to be a 'good neighbor', so wherever our plants operate - we work for the common good together with local communities.


women sit on the board of directors of Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltics.


 to date, young people have used the tools of the #Youth Empowered program to develop skills important on the labor market.


of our employees get involved locally in corporate volunteering projects.

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