Our finest water brands in Poland are local brands – Kropla Beskidu and Kropla Delice.

Water is vital to everyone’s health. It’s a safe and enjoyable way of getting the refreshment and hydration we need to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

The water brands in our product portfolio include natural mineral water sourced from underground springs in the Beskidy Mountains.  

The waters in this region contain significant amounts of free carbon dioxide and varying concentrations and proportions of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other mineral ions.

Kropla Beskidu

Kropla Beskidu owes its quality to the geological structure of the rock formations from which it is extracted. Circling for hundreds of years between alternating layers of coarse sandstone, shale, thin layers of marl and limestone, the water has become pure and saturated with minerals. Due to its optimal mineral content, Kropla Beskidu can be consumed every day, at any frequency, by people in every age group. Thanks to its low sodium content, Kropla Beskidu is recommended to anyone who should limit their salt (sodium chloride) intake in their daily diet.

Available in Poland.

Kropla Delice

Kropla Délice is Coca‑Cola HBC Poland premium water product. Kropla Délice is a medium-mineralised natural mineral water. Its excellent level of carbonation, unique taste and rich mineral components make it an ideal addition to every meal.

Délice is intended for the HORECA channel, and therefore it can be found primarily in restaurants and bars. Kropla Délice is the perfect choice for a restaurant table. Excellent taste, slight fizziness and a beautiful bottle will automatically refine any unique experience. Kropla Délice is available in 330 mL, 750 mL glass and 1L PET bottles.

Available in Poland.


Neptūnas mineral water comes from a unique, pristine and protected place - the Varena forests. That's why it's one of the purest mineral waters in Lithuania and is suitable for everyday drinking. The Mother Nature herself awarded Neptunas water with characteristics that makes it suitable for your baby and ideal for the whole family.

Neptūnas is pure Lithuanian natural mineral water with a very low mineralisation (salt) level. Water mineralisation is only 157 mg/l.

Neptunas is bottled as a still, sparkling or flavoured water, which is available in mint and lemon flavours.

Available in Baltics.


Romerquelle water is sourced from a spring located 400 m beneath the surface and is ~ 5300 years old. This guarantees 100% pureness of the water. Romerquelle is classified by the Austrian Ministry of Health as a natural mineral water, which is the highest quality level of drinking water.

Romerquelle is mineral sparkling water. Its pure, natural qualities, drawn from underground springs, have been enriching the lives of consumers for centuries.

The water, which contains a high level of magnesium, a vital ingredient for physical well-being, is bottled as a still or sparkling drink or flavoured with natural juice water.

Our portfolio includes  Pear Melissa, Blackberry Lime and Lemongrass flavours water.