Sparkling drinks

Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Baltics is the number one supplier of sparkling soft drinks on the Polish and Baltics market.

Carbonate drinks are the foundation of our business. We are one of the biggest players in this market and we are the leaders of Cola's drinks sales in Baltic market.

The Polish soft drinks market is very complex. We sell a billion bottles of various Coca‑Cola drinks annually. This gives us a solid foundation and a base for further growth, with potential coming from people switching from other brands and home-mixed drinks to our branded goods.

Coca Cola

Coca‑Cola is by far the most popular and preferred drink among carbonated drinks in the world. Its taste hasn’t changed over time thanks to the natural flavours and lack of preservatives. Icy cold, it’s always there for you to quench your thirst, put you in a positive frame of mind and to offer your senses irreplaceable pleasure.

Coca‑Cola’s first appearance in Poland was at the 1957 Poznan Expo, however it did not hit the stores just then. Bottles made and filled in our country finally came off the production line 15 years later – as late as in 1972. During the first day of Coca‑Cola sales in Poland, eager consumers had bought over 5 thousand Coca‑Cola bottles! Available in Poland and Baltics.

Coca Cola Zero

Coca‑Cola Zero is the answer to the trend of creative and original approach to one's diet. It is designed for anyone who does not want to give up the full flavour of Coca‑Cola and is looking for an alternative in the form of a non-calorie drink. Coca‑Cola Zero fits into the concept of rejecting negative aspects of life and replacing them with positive ones.

The brand’s motto is to reject half measures and seek only such solutions which will ensure maximum satisfaction.

Coca-Cola Zero inspires to seek happiness in an own individual way and allows to live without being bound by conventions and worrying about being judged. It also proves that one doesn’t need sugar to feel the real taste of Coca-Cola. Available in Poland and Baltics.

Coca Cola Lime

Coca‑Cola Lime is an innovative combination of the iconic flavour of classic Coca‑Cola with a lime note. Coca‑Cola Lime responds to the needs of those consumers who want to be surprised in a unique way. Its subtle flavour certainly catches the consumer’s attention and guarantees full refreshment. Coca‑Cola Lime is a perfect drink for everyone and for any occasion. Available in Poland and Baltics. 

Coca Cola Cherry

Coca‑Cola Cherry is the most popular and bestselling cherry cola in the world. It appeared on the world market in the 1985, and its launch in Poland took place in 1996. Introducing Coca‑Cola Cherry broke the taboo, that is not modifying Coca‑Cola's traditional taste by introducing any new flavour under the Coca‑Cola brand. Available in Poland.


Fanta is a refreshing soda drink available on the European market since 1940. In Poland, orange-flavoured Fanta appeared for the first time in 1992. This drink is not only an expert in fun and in eradicating boredom. It is also a pleasant refreshment that provides bubbly content and an excellent, intense fruity flavour. All this is due to fruit juices being part of the ingredients of the highest quality, based on the special Fanta formula. Available in Poland and Baltics.


Sprite is a carbonated lime-flavoured beverage.

Sprite’s unique combination of lemon and lime is a formula for optimum summer refreshment for young people who follow their instincts.

Listening to consumer global trends and capturing innovation, Sprite now is offering a new, great lemon and lime taste, with natural flavours and reduced sugar recipe.

Apart from sugar, it contains stevia, a natural sweetener. The stevia leaf extract does not provide any calories and is over 200 times sweeter than sugar. Just a small amount is enough to ensure the desired, sweet taste.

Sprite was introduced to the world market in 1961. As a leading brand in the lemon-lime market, it is sold in 190 countries and ranks 4th in the world's most popular carbonated beverage market. In Poland Sprite was launched in 1992 as the third, after Coca‑Cola and Fanta, product of The Coca‑Cola Company. Available in Poland and Baltics.

Kinley Tonic Water

Kinley Tonic Water is a flavoured carbonated drink with added sugar and quinine. It is that ingredient, added in minimal amounts, that gives Kinley a subtle hint of bitterness. History of the classic Kinley Tonic Water is associated with the British presence in India and dates back to mid-nineteenth century. Tonic has become a favourite drink for gentlemen and has long been associated with elegance and sophistication.

On the Polish market, Kinley appeared in 1993. It has been developed for adults who appreciate its unique taste: not too sweet, clear, with delicate bitterness. It is mainly consumed as a cool refreshing drink, sometimes with an added slice of lemon or as a cocktail ingredient. Available in Poland


An inimitable and sophisticated sparkling drink delivering stylish refreshment.

Schweppes has a new bottle design – Champagne Bottle. It’s perfect for your party or gala night.

Virgin Mojito, Ginger Ale and Original Russian flavours are available alongside the traditional Tonic water. Available in Baltics.