Product portfolio

Our 24/7 portfolio

We produce, sell and distribute to customers a range of non-alcoholic drinks. We offer refreshment through global and local brand in the moments that matter, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


in non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage value in Poland and Baltics 


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customers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

In total, we sell or distribute more than 20 beverage brands in different versions, thanks to which everyone can choose something that matches his or her taste the most. We have identified clear priorities for both our categories and our brands so that we can offer our consumers the right product, in the right packaging, at the right price.

Our many years of experience in marketing of sparkling drinks has given us useful know-how that we can apply to all our other categories – that way we can offer the right mix of options in brands, pack sizes and calorie content.

Sparkling drinks

As bottling partner to the Coca-Cola Company across the Poland and Baltics, Coca-Cola HBC is proud to produce, market and sell the world’s leading soft drink Coca-Cola, along with other much loved globad brands Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta and Sprite.

Still drinks

We also offer a growing range of still drinks, the majority of which contain low or no sugar, or have greater benefits like nutrition and hydration. These include Cappy juices, ready-to-drink tea FuzeTea and Powerade, the popular isotonic sports drink. The most recent addition to our portfolio is COSTA COFFEE, one of the most loved drinks in the world.


Our finest water brands in Poland are local brands – Kropla Beskidu and Kropla Delice. In Baltics we offer water Neptūnas and Romerquelle.

Plant-based drinks

Plant-based drinks have been gaining popularity not just in Poland and Baltics, but across Europe. Our answer to this trend are Adez products – plant-based drinks without added sugar.

Responsible Marketing

We are committed to marketing responsibly wherever we operate, across all advertising media and for all our products, especially when it comes to marketing to children.

At Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Baltics, our marketing philosophy considers the best interest of the communities in which we operate. We believe that responsible marketing is a core issue for our economic, environmental and social impacts – it enables us to foster community trust and align our products with t consumer preferences.

Our marketing programmes fully comply with marketing communication laws, standards and voluntary codes – this includes advertising, promotions and sponsorship.

We take great care to market responsibly and to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Honouring the rights of parents and caregivers is a cornerstone of our responsible marketing policy. We respect the role of parents and caregivers to make the appropriate choices for their children by not marketing directly to children under 12 and we are working with third-party distributors to adhere to the same commitments.

Our commitment to responsible marketing also includes helping to develop industry codes of practice, such as the commitments of the Union of European Soft Beverages Associations (UNESDA).

To maximise transparency and accountability, we monitor how we perform against our external commitments through third-party audits. These confirm outstanding compliance (between 90 and 100 percent). This has brought about many tangible outcomes which encourage us to press on with our efforts.

We market our premium spirits portfolio responsibly.

We are firmly committed to growing our premium spirits business responsibly, and responsible marketing of these drinks remains a cornerstone of all our sales, advertising and sponsorship activities.

We also promote responsible alcohol consumption and encourage consumers to visit our website dedicated to that cause: