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About our commitments

As a company we are continuously evolving our portfolio to help create a healthier food environment.

We are reducing sugar in many of our drinks to help people meet the World Health Organization daily added sugar recommendations, providing clear and easy to understand nutritional information, offering smaller serving sizes and maintaining our longstanding commitment to responsible marketing.

Offer low or no-calorie drink options in every market

To provide greater choice, we are providing zero-calorie and more low-calorie drinks in our portfolio, and we have already reformulated many of our drinks to contain less sugar and fewer calories. Additionally, we support recommendations by the leading health authorities, including the World Health Organization, that people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10% of their total energy/calorie consumption. To address this issue, we have committed, in partnership with UNESDA, to reduce sugar in sparkling soft drinks by 10% between 2015 and 2020 across the EU and Switzerland.  

Provide transparent nutritional information, featuring calorie information on the front of all our packages

Communicating the calorie values of our products clearly and transparently helps people make informed choices and manage their overall energy needs. We make key nutritional information visible on front-of-pack labels of our bottles and cans. Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labels provide at-a-glance information on calories, as well as on sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt content.

In the end of 2018, we have introduced colour-coded nutrient labelling in Poland and Baltics. We have long believed in the importance of providing people with clear, simple and meaningful front-of-pack information that can help support healthier and more informed food choices.

Market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world

Marketing our brands responsibly is of great importance to our business. When designing marketing communications, as a Coca-Cola System, we avoid direct appeals to children under age 12. Likewise, we do not place advertising in media where the audience consists of more than 35% children under age 12, applying this to all media channels.  

As part of the Coca-Cola System, we comply with The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Responsible Marketing Policy and are signatories to the UNESDA commitments not sell soft drinks in primary schools. In addition, in 2018 those limitations were extended also to the direct sales ensuring that from 2018 onwards only no- and low-calorie drinks are offered in secondary schools in Poland and Baltics as a complement to water, which remains the primary drink available for schoolchildren and adolescents. This is to address concerns about the increasing daily intake of added sugars by children. In addition to limiting direct sales to all primary and secondary schools and gymnasiums, the company has also reached out to its customers asking them to join the common approach to impact the potential indirect sales of added sugar beverages to these educational institutions. 

We not only comply with the letter of these policies; we strive to follow the spirit of them as well. Therefore, we do not place advertising in media where the target audience includes a substantial portion of children. This applies to all media including television shows, print media, websites, social media, movies, SMS/email marketing, animation, third-party characters, celebrities/games/contests, branded toys/ merchandise, talent selection, point of sale, and merchandise items. Moreover, we do not design our marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children younger than 12.

Products and ingredients

We focus on being innovative with the products we offer, including expanding our range of zero-calorie drinks and reducing the calorie content of many of the products in our portfolio. We also promote active lifestyles and clear labelling on packaging.

The cornerstone of good nutrition and dietary habits is balance, variety and moderation. That's why we subscribe to the nutrition principle that all foods and drinks can have a place in a sensible, balanced diet when combined with regular physical activity.


Drinking appropriate quantities of liquids is essential for our physical and mental well-being.

On average, water makes up between 60 and 65 percent of our total body weight. Even without taking any exercise, our body loses between 2 and 3 litres of liquids a day. Failing to replace them leads to dehydration, which in turn may lead to headaches, tiredness, low attention levels and reduced degrees of physical performance.

Hydration is particularly important before, during and after exercise, as well as in hot weather. It’s also important to drink before you get thirsty, as thirst is a sign that a certain level of dehydration has already taken place.

All soft drinks help us keep hydrated. Water content plays an important role in the proper functioning of our bodies by enabling hormones, nutrients and oxygen to circulate, regulating the body temperature, and assisting in the elimination of waste products and toxins.

Supporting active lifestyles

We are taking on a leadership role in promoting healthier, more sustainable lifestyles among consumers and make sure that our products can be integrated into an active, healthy lifestyle consistent with a sensible, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

What’s more, we also support our people in living healthy and active lives. This is more than just talk. We promote employee wellbeing with gym memberships, medical check-ups and the opportunity to take part in Coca‑Cola HBC and community sport and healthy living programmes across the countries in which we operate.

It is worth mentioning that in Poland, every year, we organise a special football tournament for all our employees – the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Cup. During this contest, our people have the chance to participate in football matches within teams from nation-wide locations. The initiative has attracted a lot of publicity and is one of the bright examples of our internal activities, promoting active lifestyle.

Coca-Cola HBC Poland also supports the national educational programme “Trzymaj formę” (Keep fit) organised by the Polish Federation of Food Industry and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.