Sprite is a sparkling beverage with a refreshing lime flavour, particularly popular with the youth. It symbolises independence, individuality and an active lifestyle – traits linked to the teenage lifestyle

Sprite was launched in the Polish market as early as in 1992. It was the third product of the Coca‑Cola Company to win the hearts of Polish consumers, after Coca‑Cola and Fanta.

The first TV campaign for the brand aired mid-June 2002. Its aim was to reach consumers with the message that Sprite does not only quench physical thirst, but also supports young people in expressing themselves and being creative in what they do. The campaign referred directly to what teenagers tend to like the most – their interests and passions: music, graffiti or extreme sports. The slogan “Different passions. A single thirst!” embodies the brand’s youthful personality.

The slogan of an advertising campaign launched in 2005 was: “Thirst stands no chance!”. In the videos, their protagonists play unusual roles; one of them is Sprite and the other – Thirst. The slightly shocking and provocative ads showed how Sprite comes up with extreme ideas to overcome thirst at any cost. The campaign became a true hit and dialogues from the ad clips very soon became a well-established part of the colloquial language of not only young people, but also journalists and politicians.

The campaign is still hugely popular with the youth as it is unpredictable and makes viewers smile. The spots perfectly communicate the brand’s distinct personality.

Did you know that....

In 2001 Sprite became an intrinsic element of the first edition of the Big Brother reality show. The motto of the campaign centred around the show was: “You know best what to think. Express it!”

To mark the brand’s Big Brother appearance, a special limited edition of Sprite in blue bottles was developed.

In Poland Sprite is available in 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L, 2L and 2.5L PET bottles as well as 0.2L and 0.33L cans and 0.25L returnable glass bottles .

Each can or bottle provides comprehensive information on the product’s ingredients and nutritional values.