Adez – plant-based drinks with no added sugar.

AdeZ offers two product lines: classic plant-based drinks and plant drinks with fruit juices. All drinks are enriched with vitamins or minerals. The products do not contain added sugars, only natural sugars from fruits and vegetables along with steviol glycosides from stevia leaves.

Adez products are available in the following versions:

  • 250 ml: Amazing Almond Mango-Passionfruit, Outstanding Oat Strawberry-Banana, Chillin Coconut Berry;
  • 800 ml: Surprising Soy, Amazing Almond, Rockin’ Rice, Chilling Coconut and Outstanding Oat.

The AdeZ brand comes from Argentina, where it is known as "AdeS" (acronym for "alimentos de soya" and later "alimentos de semillas") since its appearance on the market in 1988. To this day, South America, rich in soy crops, is the product's largest sales market, especially in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.