Youth Empowered

Youth development

Unemployment among young people remains a significant challenge in many markets. We support enterprise educational programmes and offer internships, as well as empower young people by providing skills training and access to funding.

At Coca‑Cola HBC, we passionately believe in the potential of young people. We know that they are the future leaders and change-makers for the communities in which we live. However, not all young people have the same opportunity to realise their potential; therefore to support the youth on their way to meaningful employment, by providing the most substantial life skills, entrepreneurship skills and promoting the creation of a network of contacts we have launched – our Youth Empowered project.

Delivered in-person and through online engagement and e-learning, the Youth Empowered programme provides the fundamental life skills and business skills to support young people in transition into meaningful employment, while helping to building long-lasting professional and peer networks.

YEP Academy

YEP programme is a brand-new educational programme aimed for NEETs group (not in employment, education or training), developed by Coca‑Cola HBC Group, to help support young people aged 18-30. This diverse and inclusive programme is designed to empower young people to achieve their career ambitions and live a fuller life. It made its debut in 2017 under the name #YouthEmpowered; a year later, with a new logo and more support – Coca-Cola HBC Poland joined forces with the Coca-Cola Company – it evolved into a larger, more comprehensive YEP programme. The programme supports the professional inclusion process by offering tools for participants to build up their potential and opportunities in the labour market. The web platform offers regularly updated content directed at young people, competence and aptitude tests, online training sessions to help young people develop their skills necessary in the labour market, as well as a salary calculator – the one-of-a-kind tool that helps calculate the minimum future earnings in a particular profession that a young person should gain at the age of 35-40 if in the future he or she wants to reach the desired quality of life. It is also possible to apply for a mentoring programme with Coca-Cola System employees to learn the secrets of working in specific areas.