We're an active member of the local communities, bringing economic benefits through our core business activities while also supporting community investment programmes.

Our community investments are focused across four key areas: community wellbeing, youth development and environmental initiatives.

We aim to play a value-adding role in the communities in which we serve and have integrated corporate responsibility and sustainability across our business. We strive to operate responsibly, engaging with stakeholders and communities to support their development.

Through our core business activities – which generate income for employees, supplier payments and government taxes – our focus remains to invest in community partnerships and projects that address environmental and social issues.

Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Baltics is involved in actions benefiting the local community in which it is directly present, supporting initiatives of local authorities, non-government organisations and others.

Our aim is to develop the community where it operates, prevent negative social trends and protect the natural environment. We believe that holding a dialogue and building trust of the local community is essential for us to effectively run our business.

Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Baltics initiates and supports programmes benefitting the local community. We run such actions in the fields where our company has the most know-how and experience and where it can be most helpful:

•Cooperation with NGOs, including partnership with the local institutions as Success Written by Lipstick Foundation, Institution of Employees Volunteering, Federation of Polish Food Banks, Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian Food Banks and many more.

•Youth development  supporting

•Employee voluntary programmes and initiatives


Cooperation with NGOs

Partnership with the Polish Red Cross

Coca‑Cola HBC Polska is a long-term partner of the Polish Red Cross (PCK) – widely-known and the oldest humanitarian organisation. Coca‑Cola HBC Poland cooperates with PCK, co-organising Polish Red Cross' All-Poland Healthy Lifestyle Contest. The winner get a pass to the Medical University of Łódź. Every year over 30, 000 students participate in this competition. Read more

Cooperation with the Federation of Polish Food Banks (Federacja Polskich Banków Żywności)

Since 2015, Coca‑Cola HBC Poland and Baltics cooperate with Federation of Polish Food Banks. Our common goal is to minimise the problem of food waste in Poland. Coca‑Cola HBC Poland provides the Federation with products which have a short expiration date. Additionally, during the epidemic restrictions of COVID -19 a several dozen volunteers from our organization provided an active support for the Food Banks. Our employees took part in preparing and distributing food packages for those who were in need. 

Partnership with Employers’ Confederation of Latvia

Employers’ Confederation of Latvia is the largest organization in Latvia for employers with it’s mission - to establish an environment that supports entrepreneurship in Latvia, facilitating the competitiveness of companies and representing employers in the framework of social dialogue

Being the voice of employers in Latvia contributes to economic growth and labour market, supporting also youth education and development, to promote not only their personal growth, but to benefit development of Latvia and welfare of its people.

Employers’ Confederation unites and represents 110 industry leaders - its members employ 43% of Latvia's workforce - as well as 66 industry and regional business associations and federations.

Find more about Employers’ Confederation of Latvia: 

Partnerships with Junior Achievement Estonia & Lithuania

Junior Achievement (JA) is the world's largest organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. JA branches in Estonia and Lithuania are leading NGO's in the Baltic countries and implement common strategy of the organization.

JA programs are delivered by corporate and community volunteers and provide relevant, hands-on experiences that give students knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Through a dedicated volunteer network, JA organisations provide in-school and after-school programmes for students that focus on three key areas: work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. JA activities have been endorsed as best practice by the European Commission.

 Currently JA works in schools all over Estonia to empower over 1000 students across the country, in Lithuania the impressive organization reaches 2 000 students annually.  In both countries, the Junior Achievement is an inspirational network, organizing trainings and mentoring in different layers of the educational system and collaborating closely with both teachers and lectors as well as public and private sector organizations.

Find more about the #Youth Empowered partners:

Junior Achievement Estonia

Junior Achievement Lithuania


Youth Empowered Program  (YEP) is a system educational initiative created in 2017 thinking about the young people, who  need the support in a decision process of choice about directions of their professional life or in the access to job market.

The program supports the process of professional inclusion by means of offering the tools building their potential and possibilities on the job market.

Youth Empowered means:

YEP Academy is an Internet platform which offers updated content interesting for young people, tests of competences and abilities, as well as online trainings aiming to help young people to develop skills necessary on the job market, including a calculator of remunerations helping to calculate minimum earnings. These tools were used in 2019 by over 100 000 users.

Mobile YEP game

The mobile YEP educational application aims at helping young people to meet their key competences and enter the job market. The user as the protagonist during the game makes choices having the influence on its further course and solves tasks with the use of 8 key skills being: communication, entrepreneurship, analytics and decision making, understanding oneself, interactions and chain of contacts, expressing oneself as well as personal development. FInd out more

YEP mentoring program and job shadowing

Thinking about young people who would like to check what in practice the work on a given position looks like we prepared the YEP mentoring program offering an opportunity to use the knowledge of the employees of the Coca-Cola system, become familiar with the professional career in selected areas and take the advice from experienced professionals . Additionally, the job shadowing realized in our company allows for young people to assist the employees of the Coca-Cola system on the working day, due to which the trainees may see in practice what the work on a given post looks like. Find out more


We believe that we can do more together, we act for common good. Our employees get involved to benefit local communities We are close to local communities with which we feel strongly connected, therefore it is natural for us to get involved as volunteers in solving local social problems. The volunteering work is a value for us and we want that each employee to have the possibility of being involved in such activities if they feel the need to do so. Therefore, each of us may devote one day in a year, during working hours for volunteer work, using one of the voluteering areas:

Competence voluteering - the volunteering mentoring program

As it results from the feedback from participants, this is an important tool to share knowledge and support young people on the stage of selecting professional path. Within the mentoring program we show different possibilities of development and we allow young people to verify the perception of a given professional role including what it really looks. Read more

Volunteering in action

Cyclical campaign combining joy from jogging with cleaning surrounding greens, so called plogging (plocck upp – Swedish and jogging – Eng., namely pick up and jog). Plogging in CocaCola is a grassroots initiative of employees who organize campaigns picking up trash after exercising outdoors – on a walk, scampering around, jogging, roller skating or cycling – in your area and at the workplace. The campaign is a permanent part of our calendars as well as World Clean Up Day. See also

Volunteering grants for employees

Each employee has a possibility to report their own proposals of solutions assessed later by a special commission composed of independent external experts. The employees may involve their own families, friends and representatives of local communities and jointly implement projects important for the community. In 2019 we financed over 30 projects supporting i.a. bio-diversity, activation regarding segregation of waste and packaging recycling, education of children and the youth as well as activation activities of immigrants. We cooperate with the suppliers on topics.